Quarter After Eight is an annual literary journal devoted to the exploration of innovative writing. We celebrate work that directly challenges the conventions of language, style, voice, or idea in literary forms. In its aesthetic commitment to diverse forms, QAE remains a unique publication among contemporary literary magazines. Want to know even more about us? Check out our recent review in The Review Review by Lita A. Kurth.


Volume 20

Issue 20
cover-art by Carrie Guss

Featuring work by:
Brian Clement
Corey Ginsberg
Tom Howard
Richard Kostelanetz
Sean Lovelace
Sarah Lindsay
Kelly Magee
Gary L. McDowell
Ander Monson
F. Daniel Rzicznek
Virgil Suárez
K.A. Webb
& many more

Enter the 2014 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest - Deadline Extended!

Prize: $1,000 + Publication

Judge: Dinty W. Moore

New Deadline: Dec. 5, 2014

Congratulations to the 2012 prize-winner, Tom Howard, whose piece "Jellyfish" appears in Volume 20.


Issue 17

"You shall know us by our velocity: the centrality to me of speed, compression, brevity. The work that I espouse and try to embody is congruent wih the voilent rapidity of contemporary culture."

-David Shields

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